More realistic rain and snow in the stadium

Today, starting with Barcelona played a legendary Manchester City, the audience let the dog-style play into a big empty wing of the Huskies, this time with the strength of the softest to the ball Boca against Barca dominated the rhythm flow. First, there is formation. If you want to have the ball flow oppression and want the ball in Fifa 17 Points Account the other half, it is 4-3-3.

According to this basic formation, they face the same opponents can not targeted adjustments.Secondly, if there must be depth, on the arrangements for the two wingers Stay Position (standing still), so holding while playing when you can kick a long pass hit cheap fifa 15 coinsthe other side, which is to me a clean sheet because for this generation the long pass is not familiar, the result was on the counter, I hate to fight back.To go inside the fuss would spread Cut inside (endo), I'd choose this one.

Two defensive winger set to Back Defence (back on defense), the center is set to pull to the side, so that at the point when you can see the side of the strikers themselves retracement pull side, winger cut, the first a penalty is so cheated, then, one of two former offensive midfielder pressure, an offensive back. XBOXONE on Fifa 17 Coins the screen as the official put it, really is not to say the overall picture is better than the 360 and PC are higher than a big slice of the details say HD turf change.

As the stadium turf race will be a lot of scratches, very realistic. Before the green lawn at halftime had to feel cluttered up.It is said that the screen version of the 360 will make people feel compared to XONE, particularly in terms of character close-up they seem to play live. On the PC game screen although not XBOXONE so delicate, but the feeling remains after entering the game much better than fifa14. First is commendable that the impact of the weather improved.

More realistic rain and snow in the stadium, special feeling.And compared to its predecessor, the game has also been strengthened scoring animation, image quality enhancement, and soybean meal to celebrate the game of work has also been greatly improved. And the lens will capture and broadcast bench expression, as well as the reaction of the fans. Game because the players have the emotional impact of this as a major feature of a fifa15, also reflected in Fifa Coins the face, people feel emotional communication, as well as the game slightly motion blur effect, let fifa 15 on the screen details more perfect.If you want to buy FIFA 16 coins, is a good choice faster and cheaper.



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More realistic rain and snow

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More realistic rain and snow

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More realistic rain and snow

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