No doubt, Irving justify himself with the practical action

2015 NBA finals, and Irving is relevant keywords "injury", he accidentally injured in the finals for the first field, thus for the season ahead of time, and in 2016, and Irving relevant keywords into "brave", starting from the third finals, Irving found the feeling, Irving is on the basis of soaring high marks maintained a high efficiency, it is with the outbreak of the three fields, Cavs 2. In fact, after the OuWenBen regular-season returned from injury, he has been looking for his own feeling, in the regular season, he averaged 19.6 points and 3 rebounds, 4.7 assists, but shot 44.8%, 32.1% from three, but fortunately, in the finals, the Cavs has reaped the strongest Irving.
Cavs, according to ESPN a city back in game 5, the total score rewriting into 2-3, in addition to the lebron James found no solution patterns, Irving's super performance are key elements of the Cavs to win god, he also set up a record, has become the first in NBA history to the regular season scoring less than 20 points, but three consecutive NBA finals boom under 30 + player, at the same time, on the one in the finals to 40 + hit by more than 70% on the basis of shot was wilt chamberlain.
According to the data shows that Irving became the first in the history of the regular season scoring less than 20 points, but it can be in the finals of three consecutive under 30 + player.
Even if this scope to ease, and only one player in the history of the NBA finals in the regular season scoring less than 20 +, based on the three times in the finals series won 30 +, in 1979, gus Williams on the basis of the regular season are 19.2 points, game 1, 3, 4, get 30 +.
Importantly, Irving in the finals game 5 will not only fetched good grades, and hit the astonishing Greg Olsen Authentic Jersey efficiency, previously, chamberlain in the finals in NBA history to 40 + hit at least 70% of the floor, on the basis of his in the 1970 finals in game 6 win over the knicks get 45 points, while shooting 74%.
In addition, Michael Irving and lebron got 40 + at the same time, also became the NBA history's first in the finals Chuck Howley Elite Jersey at the same time bomb under the combination of 40 +, in the series, Irving is certainly with the practical action to his name!



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