The collapse of the defense, this night was too tough for Raymond Green

Due to suspension by alliance, series 5, Raymond Green cannot appear Authentic Mike Singletary Jersey at oracle arena, he hopes to be able to witness the warriors won the first time the moment, so the match, Green is the arena to watch the game in the next room. Due to suspension by alliance, the warriors forward, in Green, even he was barred from the oracle arena. In the baseball field next door, Green witnessed the team's defeat, he did not wait for a championship party, but an extra game.
Series of game 4, James from Green head cross, then there is a Green retaliatory action, but because of the action, is Green added a malicious foul, eventually led to the suspension by alliance.
Sources say that will be his league suspension, Green almost wept, because of series game 5, the warriors have a chance to win at home, and was banned Brandon Marshall Limited Jersey for Green and with his brothers in arms. And, of course, if the warriors to win, finally can enter the oracle arena Green to celebrate together with the teammates, but the premise is that he must be somewhere in the neighborhood watch the game.
Green has reportedly didn't want to hear the comment in the TV, so he lowered the voice of the television, put all his attention on the Green team. For Green, can only helplessly looking at his teammates to play, that is a kind of torture for him, and saw James and Michael Irving to get 82 points, the warriors struggled defensively, he disappointed.
Game, Andrew bogut injury, director general myers also chose to leave, of course, see his teammates injured, Green is also very nervous. An interesting detail is that when the Green out of the box, on the way to the bathroom, some warriors fans chanting "MVP" Green.
In the end, the warriors have not won, they lost to rivals, in a 97-112 for the result, Green said he was disappointed. The final stage, the warriors have no complete reversal, they didn't create Christian Yount Kids Jersey a Hollywood ending, this night, oracle arena no championship celebrations.
Because the game 5 loss, next game, the two sides will be moving to Cleveland. Green gradually changed his attitude, for game 6, he started to get really looking forward to. A year ago, they are in the game 6 win the championship trophy. "Go," Greene said at the time. "I have a chance to play a game."
Though the game, watching the Green coverage when lowered its voice, but in the game, or heard the Green warriors fans that loud boos on James, the next game, the two sides will travel to Cleveland, waiting for the Green, will be the cavaliers fans booing.


The collapse of the defense,

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