The winner would advance directly to CSGO

expanding that lead by winning the pistol round and the following anti-ecos. FaZe then took the first gun round before it seemed that the Poles would be able to close it out with their 13:08 lead. FaZe did not give up, fighting their way back to a 13:14 before VP picked up back-to-back rounds.

With EnVyUs and E-Frag being eliminated already, it seemed that the game would not be interesting, in the end both teams fighted till the bitter end with two overtimes. The last game of the day was pretty important for both in the series, as the winner would advance directly to the semifinals.

Despite the dominant lead on CT-side, Astralis all of the sudden found themselves facing unbeatable Brazilians as the team around Henrique "HEN1" Teles picked up round after round. Sitting at a 14:12 for the Danes, Peter "Dupreeh" Rasmussen brought it to match point with two crucial kills mid round.

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