Great loss, Green’s suspension for Warriors

“I guess his feelings just got hurt,” Thompson said, referring to the incident between James and Green that led to Green’s suspension for Game 5 on Monday.
That, predictably, didn’t sit well with James, who asked a reporter to repeat what Thompson had said.

James laughed in disbelief.
This is how the NBA Finals discussion has evolved: What is acceptable trash talk? What is disrespectful Zach Ertz Womens Jersey actions on the court? Did James bait Green into a committing a flagrant?

To answer the last question first, James said he wasn’t aware of Green’s flagrant foul points total and that one more flagrant foul point would result in an automatic suspension for Green.
A majority of Sunday’s news conference with both teams focused on the first two questions. The conversation stems from that James-Green play. Stepping over a player on the court can be seen as a sign of disrespect.

James said, “I’m not a disrespectful guy. I don’t disrespect anybody. It’s all in competition.”

Green did not speak to reporters Sunday, but Curry said, “Obviously, Draymond thought it was disrespectful and wanted to get up and say something, so that was his reaction to it. I would have probably done the same thing.”

The most famous NBA step-over involved Elite Tim Lincecum Jersey Cavs coach Tyronn Lue, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, and Allen Iverson, who played for the Philadelphia 76ers, in the 2001 Finals. Iverson made a shot, Lue fell trying to defend the play and Iverson stepped over Lue. It is an NBA moment.

“I didn’t make a big deal of it,” Lue said. “After the game, of course, it was a big deal and everybody was talking about it. But at the end of the day we won, so that’s all that matters to me.”

James also said Green’s comments to him in Game 4 went too far.
Trash-talking has been a part Denard Robinson Kids Jersey of the game at several levels, from the NBA to college to high school to pick-up basketball.

“You’ve got to give it; you’ve got to be able to take it,” Curry said. The Warriors lead the Finals 3-1 over Cleveland, but will miss the production and defense of Green.



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