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Media analyzer Anita Sarkeesian arise latest video in her Kickstarter-funded series, Tropes vs. Women in Video , that examines changeable versions of an already accustomed macho character.Called "Ms. Macho Character," video aloft spans a huge aggregate of , including franchises such as Pac-Man, Cool Mario Bros, Mass Aftereffect and Scribblenauts . It explores how changeable characters are sometimes authentic "by ir relationsip to ir macho counterparts beheld properties, anecdotal affiliation or occasionally through promotional materials."Tropes vs. Women in Video auspiciously completed Kickstarter allotment in June 2012. campa aloft $158,922 of its bare $6,000 ambition afterwards it became centermost of a media storm due to its accountable matter.Prior episodes advised "Damsel in Distress" by discussing how adumbration is presented in and how it can be acclimated in a absolute way. According to Kickstarter page, abutting videos will awning capacity such as " Sexy Sidekick," "Positive Changeable Characters" and "Background Decoration."