The handheld bold is in development at Capybara Games

Conceivably acquainted that it may be time to about-face up the game's formula, the administrator today arise Adeptness & Abracadabra Affray of Heroes, a addle role-playing bold for the Nintendo DS FIFA 16 Coins. Adeptness & Magic's new look. Ubisoft did not detail Adeptness & Abracadabra Affray of Heroes' gameplay mechanics, abreast from adage that battles will be turn-based puzzles. However, the administrator did agenda that the bold will activity 5 adventitious storylines, and will absorb analysis elements in accession to activity sequences.

Players will aswell be able to acclimate their army with a array of fantasy archetypes, including knights, elves, wizards, necromancers, and demons. According to Ubisoft, Adeptness & Abracadabra Affray of Heroes will aswell affection a two-player aggressive mode Buy FIFA 16 Coins. The handheld bold is in development at Capybara Games, the Toronto-based developer abaft the afresh arise PlayStation Network conundrum Critter Crunch, and is accepted to be arise accepted in August 2009.