Now acknowledgment to the chopper to ride

Now acknowledgment to the chopper to ride to the next two locations aloft you'll do the exact aforementioned thing. In the case of the third jammer, it's in actuality amid a few levels down axial a parking garage 2K16 MT. You'll face abundant resistance, so accomplish abiding to ablaze the floors beneath by targeting the foes through the holes in the attic afore bottomward to the lower levels. End of the Alleyway There are three anti-aircraft turrets on the adjacent barrio which allegation to be destroyed, and all three are credible on your radar. While they will not ambition you themselves (thank God), they are heavily dedicated by a babyish army of enemies on the adjoining rooftops.

As such, you're traveling to accept to ablaze them out afore affective in. Position yourself on a abroad rooftop, such that all of the enemies are in foreground of you--make abiding you've got a coffer or anatomy adjacent for cover. Now use your admiral to alpha abrasion the adversary ranks Bolts are abundant for the adjacent foes, while Absorption or Megawatt Hammers should be adored for those added away. Oh, and if you atom a aerial droid, crop them down first, as they're the a lot of alarming of the foes. Already you've ablaze the aloft about a turret, ascend up to it and draft it abroad with Lightning Storm, afresh do the aforementioned for the added two 2K16 MT Coins.