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Yiwu policy-makers in policy-making organ process

Yiwu stressed the need to regard in accordance with the market competitors priority, based on a worldwide, balanced, scientific preparing, step by step, according to the law evaluation, and strengthen guidance principle, the organization and implementation associated with fair competition censorship, regulate the behavior from the relevant government, speed up the construction of a specific, open, competitive as well as orderly market program. Policymaking organs within the policy making process, reasonable competition should be examined.

Typically the newly revised business enterprises comprehensive assessment

Typically the newly revised business enterprises comprehensive assessment of yield advantage approach, focusing on typically the evaluation and weighting, corporate score working out, sorting method, and so on have been adjusted, and attempt to build reasonably indicate the objective reality, often the scientific measure of company efficiency Evaluation Technique.

Yiwu research accomplishments into place experienced 'Waterloo

Speaking about this issue, Zhang Guojun told reporters speak of such a point: before 2013, Huazhong University of Technology and Technology investigation team took the actual lead in Tiongkok to develop a complete automated packaging production type of high technology signals, however , when the Start will this success technology when brought to a refrigeration Zhongshan enterprise applications, since the stability of the creation line is too lower, the failure price is too high, operate less than five moments will stop a device, on-site inspection could become "technology memorial support.

The meeting complained, this year from Economy is shown to May

This morning, the city held G20 summit in work protection meeting to analyze the latest situation and complications of safety with production, the full deployment of the next level of work safe practices. City leaders Chenxiao Zhong, WANG Xin-feng attend the appointment.

Yiwu Methods officers from Sth Korea sent the primary international mail ballots completed

This morning, with the Yiwu Methods officers from Sth Korea sent the primary international mail ballots completed unpacking check up procedures, Yiwu foreign mail exchange locations officially started obtain Mail regulatory small business, all inbound in addition to outbound messages to get local through practices. Yiwu became immediately after Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Yiwu market often the province's third acknowledgment inbound and phone e-mail through methods of the local urban center.

Yiwu City Police Flame Brigade Literary Federation organized hand in Yiwu Calligraphers

May possibly 10 afternoon, Yiwu City Police Flame Brigade Literary Federation organized hand in Yiwu Calligraphers Association, the particular Artists Association, paper-cut association, in the campy launched a "welcome 1st anniversary of detachment" painting paper lowering Yongjun creative routines.

Consciously woke up inner consciousness involving ordinary people

Day, traditions consciously woke up inner consciousness involving ordinary people, they would within the wild wormwood, espectro water stream beginning inserted in the gates, windows and gateway wafting bamboo simply leaves a trace connected with faint fragrance. Individuals put a year associated with joy and desire entrusted to this celebration, after this day, Yiwu market many of us have busy started out in farm career fields in.

Yiwu Futian Market because the atmosphere is good

06 1 8 evening, the new road packed vegetable market, veggie field area, deli, meat Divisional crystal clear, dry and thoroughly clean. Within each marketplace also hoisted symptoms stalls area, consumers can quickly find the product you want to buy unit area, greatly assist in the people shopping. "The new road marketplaces has changed so much, prior to to buy food tend to be reluctant the multi-standby a minute, now not just clean, but also appears atmosphere, Yiwu market better than the actual supermarket difference.

Yiwu worldwide trade comprehensive change pilot area concentrate on land

Yiwu is included in this "Super Plan", Yiwu train hub project had been included in the Yangtze Water Delta regional transport infrastructure focused anatomist, planning clearly mentioned, "the strong assistance of national web model city of Yiwu construction. "

Yiwu to thoroughly apply the central provinciano cities work meeting

Yiwu has always been the nature of reform as well as innovation, further initiatives to reform success in the field of homeland, continuously sum up experience to learn good practices for your country to make a demo lead.

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